Q. Where are these cards from?

A. MAL (myanimelist) Clubs

    *Except for the Mario Card


Q.Why are there more than one page for the member cards?

A. Because I don't want to put too many on one page.


Q. What is a member card?
A. A card certifying membership in an organization or club.

Q. How do you get it on MAL?
A. You request it from the ''member card'' topic or post a comment on the club.

Q. Do all clubs have member cards?
A. Usually clubs with a large number of members have them, but some clubs with a low number of members have them too.

Q. How does a member uses a member card?
A. He can post it on his profile/blog/signature to advertise the club which provided him the member card.


Q.Why did you use roman numerals & what do they mean?

A. Because they're cool. Here's a guide


Q.Are there more cards?

A. yes, here